Domestique Pop-up TdF bar 2013

Hey folks

Domestique is happening again with the help of The Shadow Electric.

They’re helping FOA out with some ad break advertising, so we’ve put up a banner ad for them on here.

Was a great place to watch the TdF last year, and I’ll be heading down pretty regularly again this year.

New location, this time in Fitzroy, so much more central.

Check out their FB page here - Domestique Pop Up Bar - and I’ll seeya down there.




What part of Sydney is this …


the DEEEEP south

Not if you live north of Bell Street!

I’ll still be there though - gonna be some late night sprints up St Georges Rd.

yeah, lucky for me it’s probably similar distance to fitzroy as it would be to thornbury from my new place.

but last year, being 5 mins from home was pretty awesome, especially when it was 3 degrees or whatever.

The 3 deg ride to work felt balmy compared to the last 4 or 5 early morning starts.

Sweet, was hoping this would be on again. Will def be there for a few stages, was a rad event last year.

Hope they’ve got a late license for the last stage. It’s not even on until 2.30am!

Sweet, Though I kinda liked the fact that it was out in Thornbury last year… thinned out the crowd.

Nice mention on the preview show on SBS the other night about Domestique. Nice beers on tap, and plenty of very nice looking lads and ladies there too.

Anyone hitting it up tonight?