Don't PM me (coz I'm close to the Edge) ....

… I’m trying not to lose my head.
U-huh, huh, huh … Sometimes I even wonder how I keep from going under :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously folks, it’s boring and for the most I don’t give a fu¢k. I’m not your mechanic, I’m not your friend, I’m not your go-to-man, I’m not your free bike advisor. I like posting on here and enjoy sharing what I might know or can help with when I have time and choose to but when I get direct messages that are for the most well meaning but always asking … It gets boring. Feels like a job sometimes … especially when its from someone I’ve never even heard of or “chatted” here with :rolleyes:

Of course, if you’re classy I can send you my bank details and then I’ll answer everything you ask for. Chicks are always welcome to send me a message as are those of you who grow, procure or distribute substances.

I just generally wanted to say fu¢k off to some who can’t even say thanks or post their name when asking something. When I post to the forums here it’s fun and I find it of interest, it’s not an invitation. At some point you have to learn this shit for yourself (like I did). Google, search the forums, or even post a topic here, where, like others will try to help but asking me direct is getting to be like harassment. If that sounds rude or perhaps agitated then my message is clear and I hope ya’ll take note :slight_smile:

In saying that there’s many folks here that I’d be glad to help and will always be happy to receive a message from - you guys know who you are :wink:

I just come here to waste time, look at bikes and learn/share/laugh like all you guys do. There are many here who are helpful, patient and giving, and don’t mind spending their time answering PM’s … I’m not one of them.

///[i] now I can just cut/paste this link in my next PM rather than just switching the PM function off


Post of the year.

Spirito for mod status :slight_smile:

I loved it when you came alog spirito cos my random inbox questions went down ahaha

But in all seriousness this sorta does reignite the issue for some serious FAQ’s on

To the mods, apologies for my absence over the last month. Time and Internet access is limited for me at the moment. Currently resolving it and should be able to sit down and write some FAQ’s up and hopefully ease spirito’s pain and some other users.

I shudder to think what sort of cringe-worthy questions are being asked… :slight_smile:
(Oh and thanks for the help before lol!)

noted … :wink:

PM sent…

There’s some pretty good how to youtube vids out there, maybe a page with links to them so peeps can build there own bike and get it explained to them…

Actually, no … posts of the year shouldn’t be rants. Only good things, positive, inspiring, clever etc etc should get that classification. Don’t go calling me a romantic or a hopeless optimist less this thread become another philosophy hijack :stuck_out_tongue:

watch out dude. i had a little rant and nickj made me a moderator. the same thing could happen to you…

What took you so long? :rolleyes:

Appreciate the offer but sorry, I don’t swing that way. I have however taken the liberty of posting the suggestive pic you also sent me, in case others here more might PM you and take you up on your generous offer :wink:

Here, have an avatar on me

that’s the last thing I’d wish for.

Actually, if I was a moderator I’d ban everyone on this forum except for LukeR, only to then put him on my ignore list :smiley:

Nobody ever sends me random questions… what does this mean?

<big grin> thank you indeed !!!

oh snap. Where is Hamishf when you need him.

(random) PM sent

I think he’s gone to a football match

YouTube - monty python football

I would expect nothing less.

with great power, comes great responbility…or some shit like that =D

By substances you mean NOS Campy, and obscure parts for french constructeur bikes right?

I don’t have a bike parts tree on my verandah, but I’m happy to answer any espresso (or other coffee brewing method) questions you have Spirito.