Doubble Sided, Doubble Chain

FGG wackyness.

Ahh yes, but is it NJS?

More pics and story here.

Does that mean that if you were riding in a desert, and one side was a little more worn out you would end up riding in circles?

Yes, but that’s due to the fact that you’re dehydrated and hallucinating and can’t ride straight.

That pretty much describes Omar’s usual riding style.

Frear and loathing in las Melbournes…
Man I keeps telling every one its those Flying bats and the Zombie Monkeys that keep bothering me :evil:

ummmmmm, no

That’s just downright dumb, I hope his left hand pedal unthreads itself and he ends up as a yellow cab hood ornament, call it natural selection.

a mate of mine had this on his fixie for a while. until the left chain came off and he almost died.
does looks pretty cool though. One could almost imagine that you’d twice as fast.

The pedal won’t come unscrewed if the cranks are off a tandem.

That wasn’t Theo was it? (wondering if we know the same guy…)

Haha yeah it was Theo.

Yeah, sucks to use Sugino 75’s and not tandem cranks.

I don’t get it. It’s fun to look at, but did this guy actually go out and buy 2 sets of cranks and 2 sets of pedals for his serious, daily ride bike? I hope he sticks the two non-drive cranks (with left pedals attached) fair up his ass.