Double elephant trunk FTW!!

YouTube - David Schnabel Kunstrad Weltrekord bei 2.German Masters 25.Sept. 2010

moar german artistic cycling insanity. double elephant trunk action from 1:10

I’d call that ‘The Titanic’

I can do that, I just don’t want to.

at 3:25 in… no. fucking. way!!

I might as well just give up now after having watched that… sitting on reversed drops doing fakies…WTF???
somehow my (manly) bunnyhops & (attempting to jump) flights of stairs just feels pathetic now

“ooh I did 5 steps” = (now) feeble

yeah, now those are some epic barspinzzzz.

Does he actually give his bike a little kiss there, at the end?

and he wins the Keo comp hands down!!!

this kid is just a few steps away from being the scene’s (sorry, I mean culture’s) new poster boy! all he has to do now is grow a massive beart, put on some skinny jeans, flanno shirt and retro cycling cap, get some “no brakes” inspired knuckle tattoos, drink PBR out of cans and he’s good to go…


Just because you’re on a fixie doesn’t make saluting Hitler any less politically incorrect.