Double seat Ocean Kayaks??

Anyone know much about them? I’d like to buy one and have know idea what I need or to look for.


Do you want 1) something like a sit-on-top for two people to poot around on the bay on nice days like this (in which case I can help you with a beater for super-cheap) or do you want 2) a full enclosed tandem sea kayak for ocean and big day bay adventures like this ?

your “I’d like to buy one and have know idea what I need or to look for”…suggests that you’re not ready for 2), unless I’m reading it wrong. Single sea kayaks take some skills and will get you into trouble real quick if you don’t know what you’re doing…tandems are a whole level up.

Sit on top and do a bit of fishing from it…somehwere in between

OK, nice tandem SOTs like the Ocean Kayak Cabo will run you about 16-1700 bucks without paddles and pfds, a Viking Nemo about the same. Cheaper models like the Wavedance Capri (made in Melbourne!) are around a grand with PFDs & paddles.
(all these manuafacturers have websites)

If you don’t want pretty you can have my Capri with paddles & seatbacks for $200 to get it out from under my carport. It’s rough as guts but it floats.

My best advice would be to get someone that will share the workload up front (not your wife or girlfriend)

Been there,

She says “isnt this great crusing aound Port Aurthur for hours” while her paddle doesnt even touch the water

Me “(ahhh ahhh)” while i struggle like friggin Grant Kenny… Great times

hahaha yeah that sounds all-too-familiar…:stuck_out_tongue:

In BRisbane?

Nope, Melb…though you were down here too…


Aaron my bro has a new one used once,
Its a double with a seat in the centre if one wants to use it.
Rod holders back rests and paddles.
$850 cost him $1250
Is a viking nemo 2+1

Jump on that one Aaron, if you can. Nemo 2+1’s are great.

i might be interested in taking the one you have captain commuter.

Let’s talk some more soon with your brother.
Where is he?

ps I’m hiring this on the weekend to see what I like/need.

Cool> I’ll pm you a couple of pics so you’re not under any illusions

My bro is on the sunny coast but is working in Brisbane at the moment with me on the river at chelmer.
I can get him to bring it down if ur interested

Yes I am interested.
Thanks Dayne

Give him my number please.

Dayne check your pms mate.