"double-secret" training?

Mrs Commuter woke me about 2-ish this morning, she said I was pedaling like a madman, in my sleep! :-o. Leg speed like downhill on my fix-ie, apparently.

Could be why I’ve been waking up a little tired lately?

If only this made you ride faster when awake! Sleep disorders are all the rage these days. I’ve got sleep apnea, but yours could be Restless Leg Syndrome?

crazy stuff, imagine if you got out of bed and sleep-commuted your way through the city…

i apparently do a weird thing in my sleep where i hold my breath for ages, make a croaking noise like a frog, then let it all out and start again. supposedly it’s not that uncommon, similar to sleep apnea.

as for the pedalling, there’s meant to be a connection in your brain that stops your muscles enacting what you’re dreaming, but it can cut out sometimes. especially if you’re really, really keen to go for a ride.

I’ve got apnea too but this night-time training thing is something new - according to Mrs CC it was definitely a pedaling motion, not just random twitching.

If only I could get the j.o.b. done at night while I’m asleep, leaving the day free for bike riding and other fun.

I do something similar. Freaks Rach out a bit…

I do all sorts of shit in my sleep; talk, walk, pedaled. I kind of find that stuff interesting but im really scared one day i’ll kill my girlfriend in my sleep.

CC, is your real name ‘Bizkit’?

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

I sleep in my sleep. So boring :frowning: Mrs rhys talks quite often, and will just sit up in the middle of the night for no reason.

I’m pretty similar.
I take huge breathes and then hold it in forever followed by a big exhale and off we go again.

i used to sleep walk and get biscuts and wake up in the morning with a half eaten tim tam in my bed.

I’ve been told that when you have that huge jolt feeling like you’ve been falling and you suddenly hit the ground and wake up is one of the main phases of the connection between brain and body been disconnected.

That’s interesting. Mrs P!N2 will jolt sometimes only after a few minutes of going to bed. I heard once it happens when you go to sleep too quickly…never have that problem. :expressionless:

never heard of the problem going to sleep too quickly? :expressionless:

That’s called a hypnic or hypnogogic jerk. Happens to me all the time. Bad enough that it will wake me up a lot. It’s often accompanied by a sense of falling or tripping (or for me, falling off my bike). For the longest time I thought my electric blanket was electrocuting me.

I do that jolt/wake up thing a lot, I reckon it’s due to what you’re dreaming about. If I’m dreaming about doing something physical (skating, riding) your body tries to do something then BOOM, massive twitch and you’re awake. Muscle memory and all that.

Maybe just dream of shagging and you’ll be sweet?

This thread has made my day. I went LOL like crazy!

+1 with apneoa :oops:

Hope you boys are using a c-pap or something else.

Ive come across a ‘mouth guard’ where it moves your jaw forward so the airway stays open, anyof you fellas using that?

I cant picture using the c-pap for another 50+ years :cry:

CPAP Blows, I gave it the flick.
I use a ["SomnoMed "](http://"SomnoMed Mandibular Advancement Splint) Mandibular Advancement Splint.

PM’d Jase.