Downtube Shifter Boss

Where can I buy one of these by itself?

You want to braze it onto the Shogun ?

See a frame builder and ask nice.

Yeah for the Shogun.

I have someone to do it for me… But I need the boss. And by “the boss”, I don’t mean Bruce Springsteen.

I’m heading out to Joe Cosgroves in the next couple of days. I could ask him and send it down to you.

There is another type we used on the Genesis frames - instead of brazing the bosses on they are screwed onto a central stud. If you’re intererested i may be able to get one of one of my frames and show you- standard fittings i believe for alloy frames?

Why doesn´t the Shogun have these

Prolly had bar end shifters or a clamp mount set up.

Whilst you’re there you might as well braze the other side on as well. It mightn’t seem necessary now but if you ever build it up to tour or plan on running indexed integrated brake/shifters or indexed bar ends you’ll appreciate having brazed on shifter bosses on both sides as makes for easier housing stops with tension adjustment screws or barrel adjusters as well. Imrpoves functionality and i easy to set up with most systems quickly.

I wish I had added shifter bosses to Mrs. Spirito’s bike as clamp on shifter stops and in line adjusters is fiddly, inelegant and a silly workaround but her bike is more of a test mule and will be replaced sometime soonish.

BTW, there’s a hometown coolio of yours that has exactly what you need but in lots of 10 pairs :wink:
FRAME PARTS - GEAR LEVER BOSSES - PACK OF 10 PRS (eBay item 260724525565 end time 18-Feb-11 20:55:13 AEDST) : Sport

I’ll buy 5 pairs if you want to split 'em

Yeah, no bosses on there. Assuming it was bar end shifters.

And Spirito, that’s perfect. 10 pairs for 10 bucks is fine with me. I will totally go halves with you.

try this…


Better quality than the ozbikestar ones

I’m now thinking of doing two shifter bosses… and putting a bell on the unused one.

Cool idea … and makes it street legal :wink: