Dream Collection

Work has quietened down for a moment and I got thinking about my dream collection of bikes. Not crazy rare stuff; no Coppi’s Bianchi, Merckx’s hour bike or the gold plated Colnago given to the Pope. Just the collection of bikes I would like if I had slightly more disposable income and/or more time to save.

i) Vintage Colnago Master with modern Campy crabon bits (got that one)
ii) Brompton 3 speed with dynamo. Sexy, I know. Very practical for my work situation.
iii) Cargobike Longhaul/Surly Big Dummy, kid/groceries/furniture mover
iv) Modern steel road bike, fillet-brazed custom Bobo with Campy Record and Bora’s (to take on the trip to Italy I always plan when I’m eating pollo a funghi with my wife)
v) Tourer (got a fully loaded LHT, so big tick) - doesn’t get used as a tourer, but is very useful for camping weekends away with the kids.
vi) Rivendell Quickbeam (or similar), fixed, full fenders, dynamo, Brooks saddle and bartape, Saddlebag. Think Frank Patterson’s etchings of British touring cyclists, second commuter.
vii) 650b Rando bike, maybe French, maybe custom?
viii) Peugeot mixte, with basket and ever-present bagette.

It was fun to idly fantasise.
Share your list.


650b steel mtb, single speed, fully rigid.
Most ridiculous crabon tarck bike with 2 aerospokes.
The best

Ohh man I can’t concentrate cos I’m watching Rambo First Blood.

My current bikes plus:
Late 40s Italian and/or French bike
Late 40s/early 50s French tandem
Some custom steel thing
Some custom steel tandem thing.

Also, a bigger garage/workspace.


an x australian world champ (even if he was a total dick) track bike… oops got that one all ready
custom 5.5kg parlee, monday is new wheel day :wink:
full custom steel or ti roadie, moots, serotta, firefly or maybe a peg

i’m not an N+1 kinda guy… not much point in having things you just wont ride…

Could see you on a Llewelyn.

yea they are pretty nice too…

Not Danny C by any chance?

Na stephan pate ‘the wife basher’

ss 36er
ss rigid 29er
29er hardtail
ss cross
29er/monstercross touring thing (like a fargo or something)
big dummy
ss fat tire bike
cool steel/ti road bike
cool rando

I have some of my dream bikes,
A nice Llewellyn 650b rando may be stainless.
A similar bike for the wife.
A full tour spec Carbon bike with super record.
A Hoffy and Eric Hendren Track.
A Moots Wet weather Ti.
Nothing too crazy im more in to Local stuff.

Must be something in the boags water that turns them that way.

My dream collection is as follows

Dave tesch s22 fillet brazed track with superbe pro.
Chris chance roady Dura ace 7400 group
84 mongoose team bmx early Phil Wood wheelset
Fat chance yo eddy Mtb in green cook bro cranks nuke proof wheel set
Corratec Bruno risi track with superbe pro.
Llewelyn track full Camp super rec…
Custom CX bike with SRAM
Gypsies Ken Evans (perfect)
Moser mixte for the missus

I’ll sell you a brand new voodoo wanga 650b with white industry hubset. single speed fully rigid.
Pm me if you want.

Can we see pictures I always wanted to do this build but with a ti djab

Sunn Radical.



GT Zaskar. (Purple with Judy SL’s and matte-grey XTR)

I am lucky enough to own several of my dream bikes ('10 tk2, a Klein, and a Look) and I don’t really want anything other than what I have, these would just be nice. I’d more appreciate fitness or skills, or opportunities to ride more.
Indy Fabs, Serottas, Pegs, Zullos etc do nothing for me. I guess I’m just happy to ride almost anything that feels good regardless of prestige. As long as it’s not a trek.

This. ^^

And a JP Weigle rando bike. Just cos.

Pics for those who wanted. Sorry for the wait.

Feck. I’m trying not to buy any more bikes…

Was this the one that BSC had at their clearance sale recently for $999? Struck me as strange they’d have that on the floor.