Dream Collection

Yeah it was. Think it might have been a custom build but not sure.

I think we have a similar tase in bicycles, but I have a bit of a thing for some of the classic Sydney-built frames more than Italian steel. And instead of the Big Dummy, I would kike a front-loading cargo bike.

In addition to the list, I would like a ne-retro moutainbike. Custom-built, steel, rigid, brazons for Magura HS-33 hydraulic rim brakes, some old school XTR built up on to 29er rims because I’m tall, and racks to get a bit of luggage off the back.

Matching Nagasawa or 3Rensho road and track bikes, both with full Suntour Superbe Pro.

I’ve neglected this thread, sorry.

Great posts. Obviously some classy folk out there.