Well, this is mine:

And yours?

That bike doesn’t make sense to me.

With such low bars you shouldn’t need a huge setback seatpost like that. Makes me think the frame is too small for him.

Ha ha love it…the front wheel is a killer.

this is my dreambike:



What a rig!
Can i also add to mine;

i) That fixed track tandem.
ii) The carbon Giant TT bike.

You need to get out more Spuddy.

A Giant shouldn’t be anybody’s dream bike :wink:

A wise man once told me.

Giants are like assholes…

everyones got one…

True, but ive NEVER seen one like this…

Those Giant track frames have been around in the UK for some years now. Can’t say that I like 'em though. Not a big fan of carbon on any bike part except as an insert/base for my saddle. But if I wanted a carbon frame, I’d go for the new BMC track frame. Now that’s a sexy looking bike.


Very true.

The BMC’s do have a certain Look at me, look at me, I’m hot!!! to them.

Carbon… Steel…