Dreams on Wheels exhibition

The Dreams on Wheels exhibition will in the Atrium at Federation Square in Melbourne from 12 to 19 August. The exhibition is a showcase of Danish culture of cycling and innovative Danish bicycle design. This exhibition has been brought to Australia as part of celebrations marking the re-opening of the Royal Danish Embassy in Canberra.

Dreams on Wheels is curated by Thomas Ermacora, founder of Etikstudio, and has previously been shown at the Danish House in Paris, Danish Design Center in Copenhagen and Harbourfront Centre of Toronto.

Motivated by how a ?cyclocentric? approach to urban development can stimulate sustainable civic behaviour, the exhibition promotes cycling in a broader cultural context, displaying Danish urban cityscapes alongside urban visions for Australia by Danish architect Jan Gehl.

Ranging from family friendly to high tech, the bicycles exhibited include the Christiania bike, the LeitraVelomobile, Biomega designer bikes, the unique Mountain Goat, and ultimate classics from Velorbis.

Also on display are Copenhagen City Bikes, bicycles that are identical to those used in the Danish free bicycle program currently being adopted in Paris and considered for introduction in Australia.

Filmmaker and photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen contributes to the exhibition with a number of photographs documenting Copenhagen’s bicycle culture from his ongoing series.

Exhibition opening hours:
12 to 19 August 2008
Open all hours
Admission is free

The Atrium, Federation Square


I’ve been waiting for this to hit Melbourne.

This is not going to be just a collection of rip-off Kronen bikes is it?

biomega are the marc newson ones i think, christiana are the load carrying trikes, the ones with a box on the front, tadpole configuration

That was neat. Cool Christiania/Kangaroo bakfeits/cargo bikes, Velorbis city bikes, a Pedersen etc etc.

Even ran into a girl who wouldn’t have been out of place on the Copenhagen Girls on Bikes blog who had just arrived from Copenhagen and was lamenting our ugly bikes, poor cycle infrastructure and deadly taxi drivers. Sadly I had to tell her that Melbourne was probably the best cycling city in Oz :expressionless:

hope you signed the visiter book

Sorry, was in a bit of a hurry and someone was reading it. Was going to drop an email to the organisers instead. Were you involved in the exhibit?

i gorgot to stop by, are there pictures somewhere on the internet?

Where they all fenders and Brooks?

Plenty of Brooks’, fenders were mandatory. The Velorbis rear racks even had awesome briefcase carrying lugs for the handle. Lots of dyno lighting, internal wiring, chaincases.

There were some coaster/SS/fixed frames, finished in sand/raw powder with brass/timber fenders.

One thing I noticed was all the bikes weighed a ton or seven.
I don’t know if one was allowed to pick them up but I did.

it’s not much but i snapped this one on my phone.

there was a cool biomega with an internal driveshaft. Pretty crazy.

Might have something to do with Denmark being as flat as a tack. They boasted at one stage that the total change in elevation in Denmark is 170m. That might have been in only one town. I forgets.

Part of the exhibition that stayed with me (apart from the champagne - wot no danish beer?) was the commie-pinko-lezzo-socio-politico-mechanical analysis of Denmark and roads in general around the world, on ‘my school project’ style banners around the exhibition space. I hope they exist as pdf somewhere. The English was pretty mangled in places and I got a few lulz~ out of that - but their city design critiques alone were worth the price of entry. Err which was free.

High point - seeing Harry Bee from Bee Vee ride onto the stage, pushing a couple of lackeys on a christiania bike, to the tune of Queen’s Bicycle song :smiley:

More photos