Drilling brake hole?

Can i drill a brake hole through my carbon fork on my 2015 avanti pista pro?

Sure you can.

It’ll probably fuck the fork up though.

do it and report back

At the risk of a serious answer… don’t put a clamp on adaptor on either hey.

There’s a how-to guide here.

Get a wheel with a drum brake…

is there a hole in the back of the fork crown? is the crown alloy? do you have a drill press? are you good at using a drill press?

The only sensible answer…and you could have a dynamo as well for extra beardo cool

note: some assembly may be required before you actually have a wheel.

I see this thread as a good thing, at least the OP is just looking to molest a brand new plastic bike, at the ‘fixie’ peak this would have been a NOS 70s hand crafted NJS frame.