drilling holes in bottom brackets to let water out

good idea or not? talking old steel frame here. Just pulled out the BB and a whole mess of rusty water came out.

does drilling a hole just expose the bb to more environmental moisture and defeats the purpose?

Drill baby drill

Remember also that most steel frames have venting holes on the stays, so if you hang them vertically, they tend to drain okay.

i did it, it was good.

NikCee had his BB shell drilled. Then he stopped riding fixies. Make of that what you will.

Frames without BB drain holes make me angry

Definitely drill. If you are concerned about contaminating the BB shell on a wet ride, just put some pvc tape over the holes before heading out, then take it off after.

Show us your “Drain Holes” :slight_smile:

Edit: smiley face theirs.

Makes me wonder what the rest of the frame is like. Oversight or just shit?

I mill a massive slot in the bb shell. I’m not so much worried about water coming in but more so letting it out fast.
Nothing worse than letting it stew in there

I feel a bit dirty looking at some of those - some are medicinal, but others are only for pleasure.

out of curiousity, how big should a drain hole be on a chainstay? 3mm? 5mm?

or maybe, whats the ratio for hole to chain stay size?

my rawland doesn’t have one, rest of the frame is nice, but I am gonna drill one soon.

Chainstay etc holes aren’t drain holes. They’re there for gas/pressure escape during brazing, so they only need to be small. They can be sealed up after brazing, but this isn’t common.

It’s an old Giant Iguana mtb/commuter. Nothing special, but worth fixing.

Agreed. Oversight then.

Minimum hole 5/16" or 8mm - I normally do 3 in a triangle pattern with a 10mm bit.

That shop that you like to hang out in knows all the required details.

And they will likely laugh about the BB that was (delicately) retrieved from my undrilled track frame.