Drilling track forks

I just scored a new (old) track frame and fork. The forks arn’t drilled for brakes. Im debating if it would be a bad idea to drill them, I’m not up to going brakeless yet.

Has anyone done this? or think it is a bad idea? or know where I can get a pair of chrome steel roadforks, for 700mm wheels?

BTW - there is an old guy in Bendigo with a few track frames of varying ages laying around that he wouldn’t mind getting rid of.


…do tell more about the frames, just don’t tell TC!

You can get new, drilled crome forks from Dan and if you check Powdah’s post re: his frame, t’wpould seem that Hillman cycles might also be worth a shot. He scored some beauts.

Yes. Just start brakeless and take it easy. Seriously.

He’s right. Since I’ve been too busy to spray my drilled forks, I’ve been riding brakeless to work every day and taking the bike out further when I ride on weekends, getting a feel for steeper hills etc and brakeless really aint so scary or hard. One suggestion I can make though is keep your seat low to start incase you need to plant your feet down to stop. :wink:

But keeping the seat low makes it harder to stop by resisting the pedals.


Thanks guys.

I think I might attempt the no brakes, I barely use them on my current bike - Its just a bit long to get a decent skid going. Anyway the forks look to good with the frame.

The dude in Bendigo with the frames name is Frank McGaig (apparently he used to be a track star back in the day), but Ive lost the number. Every shop up there thought I was crazy.


Yeah, what he said 8)