Drink Bottles?

Would anyone here be interested in getting some drink bottles?

I’d like to get a bunch without stuff written on them - 650mL, screw top - in white with a black lid. If enough people would like one I’ll do a mass order and postemout. Let me know :slight_smile:


you can buy the sureshot bottles in Kew without any printing in a few colours for about $6 each

Me four

I would like mine ribbed for my pleasure

But track bikes don’t have any mounts for bidons?

Where in Kew? I’ll go check them out.

I’m thinking of a particular bottle tho - the Malvern Bicycles Plus type bottle… It is ribbed for Craig’s pleasure, and the plastic squeezes very smoothly. They may need to have a small logo on them, but if so it will most likely be this:

4cm diameter. Price will probably end up about $6 each. I’ll let youse know once I get a definitive answer.

Bob Stewart of Kew, 201 ? 211 High Street, Kew

you’ll find them up stairs

This should be on the bottles

I’ll definitely buy one!

What about fixed.org.au themed graphics?


OK I have a quote for the really good bottles - unbranded, plain, no text - in white with a black lid. This is a very limited and special offer, but I need to get together an order of 50 or 100, so here’s the deal…

Bottles are available in ‘packs’ of four. The price will be $25 per pack. If you want them posted, add on $5 for each pack. I’m happy to deliver to Melburn metro (including south of river C.)

The conditions of sale are:

a) you will not get them printed in any way
b) you will use them yourself unless
c) you split them with a good friend who will adhere to condition a.
d) condition c does not transfer to any third party.

Email me with your pack count and preferred delivery method and I’ll email you my bank details. If you have a problem with any of the conditions, please do not request bottles. That’s just how it will be.

Email: nathan at undershorts dot org

I will ask:

“why the conditions?”

For example, can I write my name on my bottle - will that void the “you will not get them printed in any way” clause?

Is it too exxy to print a fixed dot org dot au logo on the bottle?

Because. That is all. As for drawing your name on it, apply common sense.

With a logo, the unit price is about $9.20, but I’d prefer a clean no-logo bottle. If you’d like to get ones with logos, please feel free to organise it. As I said before: this is a limited and special offer. If you have a problem, please don’t request bottles.

ta Nath!