Drinks this week

Anybody up for a couple beers at the pub this week? Thursday’s good for me. I’ve been wanting to try Zierholz brewery for a while now, could be a fun night ride out from town after work.

If Zierholz is too much out of the way I’m happy with other watering holes in the city. Lemme know!

Possible, but Zierholz is crap.

Do you mean the place, the beer or both? I’ve had the beer once or twice and found it alright.

In any case I’m happy to go somewhere else - wig and pen, bent spoke, edgars inn, the front etc

Just make sure you pay before you leave eh…

Seb - I found the beer pretty crap and watery. Any of those other options are good.
Pete - Will do :stuck_out_tongue:


Adz let’s decide later - Zierholz definitely off

Zierholz does have good meat though. Are you planning a bit of a ride before drinks?

Why not? I’m not against a shortish roll.

It looks like I might be flat out getting this show randonneur finished. I might be out but will let you know if I finish ahead of schedule

No worries K, work first. Would be great to see you though.

I have to look after the kids from 8 onwards but keen for a ride/quick beer before that. Lake & Arbo loop?

I’ve got no obligation that evening so I’m flexible. What about you Mr Bigadz?

Friday works

Friday no good for me guys. Let’s keep it on Thursday and do a simple drinks after work thingy.

What is the plan for today?

I can bail out of work early so I’m actually going to go for a ride, starting no later than 3 I think. You guys are welcome to join if work allows. Then I was thinking we can meet around 5:30-6:00, depending on you guys’ obligations today.

I can ride til about 7:30 but can’t drink

How about we ride 3:30 - 5:30 then get some dinner? You’ll drink OJ and I’ll have beer. Welcome to shower at mine if you want.


Somewhere in the city, like corner of Nbourne and London circuit. Also PMd you.
I was thinking of going on the Fed highway maybe up to washing machine hill and back.