Drive to Work day - 16 March & 18 March 2010 (Thursday)

Well there has been plenty of talk about it, so how about it. I think a drive to work day is a fine example of showing just how much space could be occupied on the road if cyclists did drive instead of ride.

I would propose that the day be the day before and after Ride To Work day to maximise the impact, of hopefully showing the streets grinding to a halt and stimulating the questions of why, how and what.

In order to make this most effective the participation has to be relentless in all forms. One person per car, ie no car pooling. If possible park in an all day parking meter that would be normally used by a habitual car driver, or if that is not convenient, get in early to paid parking and take those spaces. For the trip home leave around 5pm and see the gridlock.

Time to show that people are allowed to make their own choices of transportation, I do not accept the argument “get off the road with your bike and catch public transport” as equally we can respond with “stop clogging the roads with your cars and catch public transport”. No one has the right to dictate what transport you wish to use (or try to ‘educate’ you), so long as it is legal, it is your choice.
Stick a sign in your window : I would have cycled but it’s Drive To Work Day OR I am a cyclist see how I impact your lives?
So who’s up for it?

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Tell all of your cycling mates.

i would if i had a car/ valid driver’s licence :frowning:

Yeah I’d be down on this but I also am without a car.

no car for me either, or place to park it.
could boz my gf’s and drive around i guess and then ride to work later.

I’m up for it.

Bumper to bumper.

Tell ya mates.

All you hipsters better be driving.