dropout adjuster screws/springs/end thingies

Anyone got a pair of long dropout adjuster screws?

called around a few LBS and none have any. Not even Abbotsford Cycles!

fck, wrong section - can a mod move this?

I don’t have any spare but you could try one of the frame builders if you have no luck here. Call Kevin at Paconi.

Yep I have a spare set. PM ME.

Hey lorday sent u a PM not sure if you got it?

I need a set too if you find more Lorday!

What they worth?
I’ll have a spare set with me at DISC tonight (juniors)

we talking surly long? those ones are really long.

I probably have a pair of those, I can look if Mr Swuzz can’t hook you up

its for my casseroll - some retard (me) bent my pair.

this long?

I think mine are suited to rear entry

Look a lot like these

no, these:

Yep - need these

I’ve got some you can have Marcus. They’re 40mm long and quite possibly from the Casseroll I used to have.

Call or txt me. I’m heading past your place today so I can leave them in the letterbox if you like.

Big thanks to Nick for dropping them in to me today!

AWESOME bloke.