Dropout replacement

Anyone know were to get cheaop rear dropouts and get them fitted. I know abbotsfors charge like $150 or so?

Having dropouts replaced on a frame is like major surgery. Cheap may not be the way you’d want to go.


For $150 you pick up an old road frame, or a complete bike, and use that.

i’m with des and nexus. i looked into this. unless it’s a necessity you’re probably better off making do with what you have or getting something else.

Seeing as you can make TT pads Nexus, surley you can use you sewing machine to knock-up some track drops for the bloke? :stuck_out_tongue:

Only replace dropouts on a good frame, else you’re just wasting time and money! And, if its a good frame, you probably shouldn’t go cheap. $150 is pretty cheap, but they do a good job.

if you’ve damaged a dropout, and it’s a track tip, and the frame is worth repairing, spend the money and get it done right. any good frame builder will be able to give you a quote, starting from about $120 and going up to the cost of a car, depending on the frame, tip, and material.

if you are converting a road frame, don’t. you’ll just end up fucking a perfectly good road frame, or you’ll be adding track ends to a piece of shit. either way, not a good idea.

so if it’s worth repairing, cash them up and get a good job, otherwise spend the money on a track frame to start with.