Drum/hub brakes ?


Drum brakes…
Any good?
Price, performance, durability compared to a caliper.
Do you need a special fork or are their models that fit a regular fork?
Im interested in getting some opinons from people that have used them.

Haven’t used one, but have one that should be in use soon. Sachs Spectro 7 rear hub gear with drum brake.

I think they’re probably fine for the rear, but not so much on the front. Plus they’re heavy.

Other options include the Shimano nexus rear hub gear with roller brake, Sturmey Archer front dynamo/drum brake.

You need to bolt a reaction arm to the fork blade or chainstay, or braze a mount on if you’re serious. Just like coaster brakes.

Enquire at Abbotsford Cycles, I saw a custom Surly LHT there built with a vintage SA front drum and a nexus rear roller. I’m sure they could give you some performance info.

They’re great for doing skids!!! :evil: