Drunk Artist Stacking Bikes

i saw this out the front of my place on St Georges Road for the opening at Red Gallery, recognised a few of the bikes in this puzzle. Thought i had to take some photos.

Anyone see theirs in the bunch?

Ha ha, stay away from those boys. They’re badass trouble makers. :wink:

looks like the mini is a popular choice of lock there

Dirty skanky half drunk f-ing courier scum.

I rode past there tonight- what was the opening Wormzzz?
Heaps of people on the street.
And just when I got home, that incredible rain started- and stopped suddenly.

Incredibly short rain :frowning:

It was a scientific art exhibition, though only part of it was scientific art. There was free grapes and beer…

well no wonder the bikes were stacked like that… free beer

Holy shit that Gitane has my 29r cranks on it. Double-take much?!

What a bunch of ugly arseholes.

I was giving out free “high 5’s” too.
I didn’t get much love though!

Pretty sure that Gitane used to belong to a mate of mine (before those cranks were on it)

Tree’s have feelings too…

that tree sure was the host of that party