Drunk Cycling

Interesting article/video on the relative dangers of driving/walking/cycling drunk.

The maths seems a little flawed but it’s an interesting conclusion…

Drunk Cycling


pretty interesting. Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner are the authors of Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. if you havent read them i highly recomend!

Take them with a grain of salt

Gang leader for a day is pretty sweet

+1, super interesting.

Yes, they are extrapolating the data a bit far I think.

At least drunk walkers/cyclists are unlikely to kill anyone whereas drunk drivers are safely enclosed in their car where they might be fine in the event of a crash but no one else is. He almost seems to be condoning drunk driving.

Does anyone know the actual law of riding a bike drunk? Can you get fined?

Yes you can, but unless you are that drunk that you cant stay in a straight line, they rarely breathlise you.

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Yeah i know what you mean, i wonder if the police take it as serious as with drink driving a car in regards to fines and so forth

A person where I live (North Queensland ) just got caught drink driving or drunk in charge of a vehicle whilst standing next to their car with the keys in their hand. So if you don’t intend driving and are locking it you can still be done. Interesting to see if you were walking your bike while pissed wether they would breathalise you as you are still in charge of a vehicle. Happens a lot up here people tested on bikes , but they usually have been dobbed in for erratic riding .

in NSW if yr involved in a bike accident and end up in hospital they are required to take a blood sample and send it to the cops. i had a sample taken after my last accident, but haven’t heard anything. one of the couriers here had that happen and got called to court. lost his licence, but could still ride, so seems kind of pointless. didnt find out how much the fine was.

still havent heard of anyone being breathalysed while riding tho.

damn they can take your license. how does that work?

I once rode through an RBT on St Kilda road, pissed. A cop held out the breathalyser and I thought I was gone, he then said ‘only joking’ and waved me through. Another cop then told the good cop he should’ve stopped me.

Doing it tonight… yay for work lunchtime Christmas parties!

If you ever get to listen to a police scanner ,it’s unreal the amount of motorists and cyclist’s that get dobbed in by “the informent” for drink driving and riding. I’ve heard people dob others in leaving parties or the pub all the time.

I was at this russian restarant the other week getting fired up on Vodka, was in no real state to ride but got pulled up and a helmet fine and the cop didnt breath test me.

I was at a driver education thing and the cop told me he once booked two guys for pushing each other home in a shopping trolly. When they saw the cop the bloke pushing let go therefore the bloke inside was ‘in control’.

Must have been having a shit day or was teased as a child.

Unless it’s changed recently, they can’t stop you for a RBT on a bike. IIRC the laws about RBT specifically relate to motor vehicles only.

But don’t start cheering yet because if they have some reason to believe you’re drunk or whatever they can just stop you on the street anyway - just not at the RBT itself.