Drunk online shopping

Pretty funny, and we can all relate to some extent…

My drunk shopping is a long litany of small misdemeanours. There’s a glass of red wine on the arm of the sofa, a laptop on my lap, not enough on TV. I make two kinds of drunken purchase. Often my transactions combine luxury with a supremely practical application that makes them seem laughable the next morning. It is as if my urge to splurge is converted at the last minute into pragmatism. Witness this week’s delivery of a pair of top-quality, soft leather “premium heavy-duty gauntlet gardening gloves”. Or Maurice Merleau Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception.

Drunk online shopping regrets: clarinets, elephants and flatpacks | Lifeandstyle | The Guardian

I know a certain forum member who has a really nice framed Gamera poster.

I was super drunk past NYE. I woke the next morning to a text from my ex thanking me for deciding to fly her to visit me in Melbs. I also bought my sister a silver cat ring from Estonia that same night. A few weeks ago I bought tickets to an interpretive dance performance for this Saturday night, I’m actually looking forward to it.