Drunken Purchases

I’ll kick this one off:

I bought some wheels from @diddy a few weeks ago and have gotten around to making them useful after some drunken ebaying:

New endcaps and oversized thru skewer.



What have you purchased after a few drinks?

A couple weeks ago I bought an acoustic bass guitar. Bonza.

Rules: Must be either a handshake deal, or online/soft commitment purchase. Pictures are preferred. Alcohol not required but a useful shield for buyers remorse etc.

I bought/commited to Gefsco building me a frame (FB messaged the GM of Clarence Street Cyclery) while not only drunk but while in another country.

Do we already have a “winner”?

new band for my garmin. couldn’t decide what pattern. friday night helped.

My only drunken purchase is another pint.

I think we have a clear winner.

I bought duggy/loki’s track wheels after a bunch o beers.