Dual aerospoke roadie,

FELT F SERIES | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Brooklyn Park
What was he thinking.
“Gets thick looks”

Must be a joke right?

I estimate that to be the 2012 model as well. It’s only been on the market for a few weeks?!?!?

maybe they are his ‘training’ wheels…you know, add weight to make his legs stronger?

resistance training ha!

Thick looks? I’d think he was a bit thick too…

burns lots of chlories

This has been on Gumtree for aaaaaaages.

Funny thing is, another dual 'spok roadie was stolen in Adelaide (not this one).

It must be 2.5kg plus wheelset.

there was one in perth gumtree too…good price.

Burns through lots of chlories eh? Sounds like just what I’m after.
It looks fucking tough

The guy is obviously a pro. Flat pedals with plastic semi-cages and no straps are a great way to save weight, and remove that troublesome risk of unclipping.

Have seen this guy rolling around. Bike looks retarded in the flesh - imho.

well, i guess that would explain the “thick looks”