Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club's 100th Birthday Fixie Century (100 miles)

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club will celebrate its 100th birthday next month with a 100 mile fixed gear ride from Bundanoon to Tempe Velodrome. To register go HERE. Note that Cycling Australia Ride-It memberships are required. Contact the club for more info.

Man that’s gonna be tough doing a lap of a mythical velodrome!

Two brakes? They’ll be turning a lot of folks away or turning a lot of blind eyes.

I was thinking the Cycling Australia Ride-It license would be more of a turn off.
Anyway… here’s a report from last years ride.

Someone unwilling to wear two brakes or obtain a Ride-It license probably wouldn’t be very good company on a 100 mile fixed ride - just sayingsall.

and if you look on the report from last years ride there appears to be a chappy sporting a single brake? I guess the rules and regs change some…

yeh, none of my bikes are drilled for a rear brake. shame, cos i was really looking forward to 100 kms of hell…

DHBC is a fixie friendly club from what i hear. a lot of the roadies get out on them in winter etc.

Don’t you mean 160kms :wink:

right… 100 miles is a bleeding long way.

I had a chat with some people in the club. Two brakes is recommened, one brake is ok. No brakes is out of the question.