Dumb Question(s)

Been riding single speed for a while now, have just picked up a flip flop rear so am wanting to go fixed.

What do i need to do?Do i need a fixed cog and a lockring or does any ring on the fixed side of hub operate as fixed?
Are there different gauges of cog and how do i know what i want. For example can I just go into a shop and ask for any cog and it will fit or does it depend on brand/threading of hub?

I think thats all for now, appreciate any assistance and/or newbie flames that comes my way…

First, don’t buy cheapy cogs. Get something decent… Dura Ace, Surly, Phil Wood etc.
My wheelset came with a lock ring… but get a decent quality one as well.
Make sure you lube your threads well and screw both on tight.
Get yourself a top tube pad and some spoke cards.
Go sick!
*Just my opinion, but always get a 2nd. Hope that helps.

Oh… and there are no dumb questions… only dumb answers. :slight_smile:

Unless you’re sure you want the same gearing (it’s quite a different style of riding after all), might be worth getting a cheaper cog till you decide on what you want. It’s likely that peeps here might have some cogs kickin around you can buy or borrow.

i would be inclined to suggest getting the shop to put it one for you, seeing as a lot of people who do it themselves seem to have stripped the threads on their wheelsets by not doing it tight enough. go with a cheap cog and a good lockring until you work out what gear you like

Nice. :slight_smile:

yeh, what liam said. people bitching about their cheapy formula hubs stripping seem to be the ones who fitted the cog and lockring themselves… i run cheapy hubs and cogs and have never had trouble, but i paid the man to put them on.

Keep seeing that the cog has to be “tight” - yes, but not “super-tight”/rotafixed if you are running a track hub with a lockring.

Important that the lockring fully engages onto the cog and is “tight” - as previous para.

A trap with “cheap” track cogs (remember that many trackies do not even fit a lockring as they are not skid stopping and abusing the drive train as on the street) is where the thread width is less than the hub thread width and even with the ring up tight this leaves space for the cog to turn. Best way I can think of to strip a hub! You can avoid this by fitting a BB spacer inside the cog.

Check carefully when setting up (I didn’t only recently!), grease lightly and tighten “firm”, use the proper tools is good too, and you’re set.