Dummy lever

I want to set up two aero brake levers on my bike, with the left one being a dummy lever. I don’t want to spend ANY money (so buying a dummy lever is out of the question). Is there anyway I can I rig up the aero lever I have so it doesn’t flap around? Also, I want to be able to use these both levers again, so gluing it or anything is out of the question. Like this.

Why not run a splitter and have them both control the brake?

Most levers are spring loaded so I don’t imagine they flap around at all. Having said that, I haven’t actually used one as a dummy lever so I could be totally wrong. Anyway, I’d give it a shot first.

^^ they dont bounce around.

You could try a short piece of cable (inner and outer, under the bar tape to make it feel like a match for the other side as well) with a crimped on cable end. It’d probably pop off first time you ‘accidentally’ pulled the lever though. Or you could screw a canti hanger plate to it. Depends how neat you want it to look.

If your levers arent something you mind destroying forever, get a dirty big screw, and screw it through the cable hole, and into the lever body.

just jam some paper/card/wood all up in there.

also, what is that bike in OP? it’s fkn sweet.

Cool, I’ll have a play tonight. Running a dummy cable underneath sounds like it could work.

The JAMS, check my Velodrone tumblr link below for more info.

Have rigged one of these up for a customer before…

We used a Dummy cable finishing at the end of the bartape to give the same profile (where the cable shapes the bartape) as the operable side, Then used the part of a cable breaker/joiner used in a lot of bikes the disassemble ie: our Bike Friday tandems. Once the joiner part was on the cable inner and it’s in place you can just tighten down the grubscrew in the joiner which will clamp the inner cable and it WONT slip. The joiner was hidden under the finishing tape on the bars.

Zero slack or pull in your aero levers.

And that Panasonic in the OP is stunning.

Paul Ku’s Panasonic (City Grounds bike shop), S&S fitted by Moth Attack. Runs city bars these days.

  • Fit cable to dummy lever as per usual

  • Attach inner cable to thumb lever of “ring ring” (not “ding ding”) bell.

  • Win at being post-hipper-than-thou

  • Joel

wow. just, wow.

Put this one above the stem, drill hole in flick lever for cable, drill and tap hole for cable retention grub screw, perfect.


  • Joel

The return is the hardest thing about the brake lever / bell thing. I rigged one up on my beater a few years ago and had to fit an elastic band to help the cable spring back. Of course, the elastic bands rotted fairly quickly and I gave up on it after six months. To do it properly , it needed a stronger spring in the bell, the lever or both.

Or I could have used a new cable inner and housing to give it a better chance :smiley: Check out that ratty cable:

Yes indeed Sir Kev. Running it on the stem/bar shortens the cable and reduces friction in the line, it’s also important to find the right bell, which can be hard in this day of cheap plastic bells.

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