Dumpling King

Bit of an odd question, but I always see bikes locked outside that dumpling king restaurant in the city and was wondering if anyone who eats there knows what the hell is in the chilli they put out?

I always figured it’s just chillis and oil, but I swear there was some smalls prawns in there or summat!

Tried asking the waitress but she had no idea what I was talknig about.

Any ideas?

fuck yeah, i fucking love dumpling king!
i didn’t think there was anything else in the chilli other than oil. not sure about their food standards so it could be anything

That’s a very interesting question, but it doesn’t really fit in with the purpose of this forum because the contents of the dumpling king’s chilli is technically not a bike related event or meet.

Next time you’re there have a rummage through it, minature prawns!
hitting that place up tonight for some fried action.

don’t know why but your post gave me the giggles

Both myself and Mrs FROG have visited dumpling king while in Adelaide (cultural highlight of the visit).
Mrs FROG says the stuff is most likely dried chili, chili flakes, sesame oil, dried shrimp, vegetable oil and sugar then cooked

fried onion.

i feel hungry

screw dumpling king, dirty old bbq city is where its at.

get a combo(3 meats) yiros from yannis at the western end of Hindley.
You won’t need to eat again until the next day.

mmm garlic breath

Yeah probably not the best thing to do if your planning on getting some action(lovin) somewhere in a 24 hr window of eatin one.

Every time I’ve been in there I’m always massively disappointed, plus there always old men and hookers in there.