Dura Ace 10 Fixie Project

Hey guys Been lurking on here for a little while now gathering parts for my build. Some of you may have seen a wanted post on here a while back for Dura ace 10 parts. well its all peiced together now, just begining the build now. As some of you would probably know the Dura Ace 10 was a track system bought out in 1986 and was only built for two years before being discontinued. the pitch of the chain is 10mm instead of the normal 12.8mm therefore being a heap smaller and size and also alot lighter. Now the problem with this stuff is it seems to be fairly rare now and only works with like dura ace 10mm gear, including its own hub, sprocket, chainrings, cranks and chain. now the crank and chain was sourced off a mate who had purchased it off ebay, at first thinking it was a normal crank set. he gave up searching on the bits, so i took it off his hands and began the hunt. Thankyou to Dave off here in Melbourne who had the hub, after alot of hunting around including going into every single bike shop in perth i found a guy in Switzerland with a NOS 16 teeth rear sprocket. bingo i now have the whole set. Bought soem slick new wheels from ideal cycles and had the build the wheels around my dura ace rear hub and a old Japanese Suzue hub on the front. Now this is where it has started to get interesting. I thought before i strip the fram further down i would try the wheels on, stand back and have a look. started peicing it together and i have now found that my chain is about 4 links too short. finding 4 chain links is going to be a nightmare, i have found a new chain in Switseland however its $150 USD. So now i start the frame mods. I plan on shortening the rear end to make it all work, it needs shortening approx 1 - 1.5 inches, will re angle the upper bars and might fab up new track style drop outs while i am at it. I will also clean up all the brake and gearing clips, weld up all the holes and smooth it all out. anyway enough ranting here is some pics

You’ve gone to alot of effort. Do the groupset some justice and buy a real track frame to show it off :smiley:

Wow, that’s a huge job.

I know it may not be an option, but if you were to replace the Raleigh with a track frame with some tight geo chances are your wheel base would shorten enough to make that chain work (plus you’d then have a nice track frame to fit your extremely rare and coveted track group set).

edit: Gypsy beat me by 18 seconds.

+1, again

what those guys said,

I know its a long shot, but you could do some research into other industries that use chains, (ie: garage roller doors.) for a 10mm pitch link length?

+2. Call me a snob, but it would be shame to see that rare-as group on a conversion…

+1 brazillion

That frame is a hunk of shit. That whole setup needs to be on a better frame.

This is slightly embarrising but i still dont understand 10mm pitch.

That frames drop outs are way too short, they wouldn’t leave you with any ability to tension them,
Get yourself a classy track frame

The chain pins are 10mm apart, instead of 1/2 inch, so you need cogs and chainring to match.

Allows use of smaller chainring and cog, therefore shorter chain saving a bit of weight (how many grams are we talking?). Any other benefits?

thats really impressive how much effort you have gone to put that gear together man, and i must say that im with the rest of the guys in regards to getting a track frame. Its gunna make your life alot easier and will be look the part once completed.

also looking for a durace10 hub for my next build if anyone can help me out.

yeh i know, i have sort of run out of coin atm, and it is a frame i have laying around. want to source a nice jap racing frame down the track a little. I am a fabricator so i will be able to make it work for now, shorten up the rear end and fab up some new drop outs. I will have all the right bits and be on the road till a start searching for a new frame.

might ride & look a bit funny, but if its only a temporary solution go for it ey.
all that weight saving in the driveline to have it fitted to a heavy frame haha

And a ridiculously expensive drive train and no money!

what are you planning on doing when the chain wears out,…as nice and as rare as the bits are… 150usd is a bit excessive for a chain

nice build

i am not too fussed, im bulding the bike to ride it and to how i like it. i will come to that chain problem when it arrises. its only going to be a street bike for shits and giggles. not fussed about the weight saving i just like it cause it looks tiny. I just wanted something differant. the frame was laying around, the cranks and chain cost me 4 cartons of beer, which i am a beer rep so its free. the sprocket cost me $50, hub $50, wheels $350. gotta get bars, seat and post, new bottom bracket and a few bits and peices get it riding then work on another frame or build one when i get time. all in good fun and time. thanks to those with decent comments

Hell yes. All that effort and you hang it all on scaffold pole. I love a slow-burn project/obsession. Nice work.

that is a sweet set of running gear props on the effort to build it up