Dura Ace 7400, Shamals, who cares about the frame...

Excellent Condition Genesis Custom Made Road Bike Bicycle - Aluminium Frame | eBay

I’d love those wheels - if anyone wants the Dura Ace I’ll take the wheels :slight_smile:

I bought one of those bikes, also for the wheelset it had on it, sold the frame and groupset to Chaz and it lasted him a while and then cracked and failed at the BB shell… But then again, Chaz doesn’t take great care of his shit :wink:

7 or 8 speed?

…8 Speed shimano cassette

Must not skim descriptions…

I’d definitely be after the Dura Ace if you’re up for it.

I’d be keen for the saddle… depending on condition.

local pick up :slight_smile: yeah buddy.

If someone’s up for collecting it we could do something?


far out i’ll join the list of groupset wanters here…

Me and u maryy u take the group ill take the wheels.

i do! cept all these other guys will bid and bid then drop out again? :wink: just gags ladies

Ah gotta love the FC-7410 cranks