Dura Ace 9000

There has already been a few pictures up around the place but these are the clearest I have seen yet.

I don’t care how mechanically awesome it is - I hate it when manufacturers use propitiatory shit.

The chainrings are silly. End.

what a crap bolt pattern

I could swear DA has been going to some kind of effort of late to make thier cranksets look heavy and aethetically unpleasing.

Ugliest crankset ever IMHO.
Wtf are they thinking?

they might come in fuck off purple though. that would be bad ass

I wasn’t too sure what the new cranks looked like.

Then I just thought - they look like a lot of peeps will be buying sram red.

I typed fugly into google, hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’, and landed here.

I didn’t mind the cranks at first, but the more I look at them, that big negative space looks weirder and weirder. They’d probably look good in black because it hides all the details ha ha

I might be waaaay off, but I started thinking about this and maybe its how shimano might legitamise the gimmick. Thinking of the crankset like a clock, your legs probably put out the most power when the crank is between 2 and 4 o’clock. when the crank is at 3 o,clock the chain tension is highest from power transmission at 12 o’clock, 90degrees out of phase from the cranks. As the chainring is stiffest in a 40-60 degree slice at 90 degrees from the cranks, perhaps this design is more efficient??

still wanky

even if something is ugly and horrible to use, if the pro teams use it then the average person will want to buy it

sram red is a great example of this

I love the design!

Better pics

Aiiiight, that looks pimp all painted up! Keen to see a proper pic of the brifters/hoods and if they are still huuuuuuge!

you tell 'em Swami !!

Can’t count from photo but apparently 11 speed

Yeah shimano goin 11 speed with this new stuff… Finally.

SRAM once again lagging behind there…

I was keen to see it finished, they look good!

Hasn’t slowed down Boonen this year at all…

The finished DA crankset looks better than the one on the previous page, but still butt-ugly.

I’m actually digging a asymmetrical design. Got to give it to shimano, they are the only ones brave enough to release something like this- new BCD pattern, asymmetrical shape and only 4 spider. Oh and their aluminium cranks are still lighter than most carbon lol