Dura Ace AX Aero Groupset


Nice obsolete groupset!

I’m sure Erle is watching this one closely eh?

OOh baby. I’ve got the stem, just need the bars, bottles, post and frame to finish her off.

ive got the bottle with cage and seat pillar…

Aero seat pillar or the round one? If i was to build a bike with this group I’d wait till a frame showed up that used the aero tubing for the aero post. Mmm Aero.


I wonder if they ever made a pedal thread adaptor for the cranks?

What was the supposed benefits of the oversize peadl spindle-thingy-whatsit

Your foot sits at the same levle as the centre of the pedal spindle which translates into some sort good joo joo.

I gots everything apart from original brake hoods and brakes… didn’t know it came with a special aero bottle and cage.

OMG, we can use this!