Dura-Ace AX Aero Seatpost

Don’t come up for sale much - at a reasonable price, too: Good used Dura Ace AX Seatpost, For Oval Tubing, 28.6x18.5mm, Free Shipping! | eBay

Needs some love, but not too bad condition.

Have asked him for a shipping quote, thats usually the deal breaker.

Very good price for that good condition - in comparison to this lol NOS Shimano DURA ACE AX aero shaped seatpost for & TANGE AIR tubing | eBay

Make sure you get the matching gusset: eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

Did you hear back re: postage, Ben?

Seller seems like a nice guy, reply i got:

[i]The cheapest that I can find is USPS priority mail, at 23.95 USD. I will eat $5 of that, so you will pay $19.

The post was in a Tange “C” profile seat tube (34.3x18mm). The bike is a Medici, I think maybe the only one made with that tubeset. This post was made for a Tange “E” profile seat tube (29x18.5mm).[/i]

^ Oh! The E-Type, perhaps that’s why nobody has snapped it up.

Another one, bit pricey unfortunately. I had a laugh that the seller thought ‘MAX’ on the post meant Max tubing, ha ha ha

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

This guy wants $180 for the post… Could he not have spent $15 on a set of callipers to measure it precisely?!