Dura Ace Carbon Cranks!!

Sorry that this is roadie related :evil:

It had to happen I suppose in response to ‘carbon everything’ Campagnolo - I’m glad they retained the same crank form… still hot.

Some dude was rocking them in le Tour. And, they should be out in time for my birthday!

How does the spindle attach to the arm? Also are they the ones that have the Alu core with the carbon wrapped around it?

“Surprisingly, the crankset actually hides an alloy core. The alloy frame provides the structural rigidity; the interlaced and wrapped carbon keeps the weight down. The reason Shimano haven’t gone down a complete carbon route is that they constantly found that although weight decreases with the use of carbon, so does the rigidity.”

Read more <a href=“http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/shimanos-carbon-dura-ace-cranks-11543”>Here</a> and <a href=“http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/shimano-launches-carbon-dura-ace-crankset-12255?img=1”>Here</a>

shitmano are getting the crap kicked out of them by SRAM on road and MTB gear.
have you had a look at the new dual throw shimano MTB shift levers?
the blurb says how you can now “choose which way you shift, with your finger, or your thumb”.
and all that means is that so many people have jumped ship to the X series stuff that the big S had to find a way to stem the hemorrhage.
the SRAM road gear feels so much better than shimanos offerings that it just isn’t funny, and most of it is cheaper and lighter as well.
it was only a matter of time till they came out with a carbon crank because the great herd hasn’t realised that carbon is NOT the great wonder material that they think it is.
ever wondered why as soon as they reach the first hill stage of the tour all the carbon goodies get stuffed back in the van? it’s because you can’t make it stiff enough. and yet we still get people every day asking for carbon bars, stems, complete frame sets, WATER BOTTLE HOLDERS! who the FUCK needs a carbon water bottle holder? you’re about to stick 3/4 of a KILO of water in it.
if they just took a good sized crap before they rode, they’d save more weight and wouldn’t be as full of shit.

sorry, was at the shop till 1030 this evening working on roadie crap for dumb ass customers who want to race the fun ride on sunday. all the muppets with $6K of carbon crap proving to each other that if they just had the chance they could be pro. for a 100K fun ride.
sometimes i hate my life.

Haha GOLD… :smiley:

Yeah, but you can’t really change how much that water weighs.

I dare anyone to tell me that a light bike isnt nicer to ride.

Mate - we are on the same wave length here.
Plus a good crap is very satisfying!

Looks nice and I’ve been looking to join the roadie scum…

As for the rest, I tend to think that if I had a water bottle holder, I’d just drink water, then I’d need to pee, then I’d have stop. No thanks, I’ll stick with performance enhancing BBQ Shapes.

The rest… meh. Their money, their problems.

i’ll buy into that.
bear in mind i’ve just come from 2 weeks of working in the shop answering stupid questions and physically restraining myself from strangling morons, so this might ramble a little.
most of the super light bikes are now full carbon.
carbon isn’t the best for ride quality, that still goes to steel for all the reasons that have been used so so many times before.
what carbon does do, it gives a reasonably good ride quality for less weight. pretty good stiffness, pretty good everything, and light weight.
but it has a much lower fatigue index to side loading, is a lot more fragile, and really has only about a 3-5 year lifespan before you should relace it.

i’m not going to crap on any more, just remember two things.

  1. it really does come down to the rider. and
    2.the lightest ride in the world is useless if breaks on you or wears out before you can get the best from it.
    too many people just buy the lightest bike they can and admire the shiney, without thinking about what is actually the best bike for them.
    don’t joint the mass of morons and do the same.
    remember, as mark twain said “Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause, reflect and reform.”

Sometimes when an arrogant arsehole starts telling me just how it should be, it’s easier to be the moron they expect you to be, wait them out then go spend your money elsewhere and tell all your friends just how much like a moron you were treated and for no reason.

just sayingsall.


Ok then.
Bike shop staff should be spending more time answering the stupid questions that the morons ask, so that the morons don’t decide a $10,000 Orbea isn’t the best thing to ride on the bike paths with the kids.

On the cranks; If you’re getting 3 to 5 years out of your race bike, well done! These Dura-Ace carbon cranks are aimed purely at the racing end of the consumer spectrum. Fatigue life? Side loading? Half these guys don’t even own this stuff long enough to scratch it, let alone snap it.

I’m an awesome rider and i love riding expensive, awesome, fragile shit. But i do it because i know the difference and what’s appropriate for me. If peanuts are buying race gear and thrashing it out, why? It’s your job to teach them about what they need to buy.

Tell your customers. Change the player, change the game and all that.

So tell me why carbon cranks are such a bad idea then?

as most of you know, and probably experience every day, you can spend as long as you like explaining why Giant have moved away from full carbon frames, or why it’s better for a weekend punter to save several thousand dollars of their money and buy a bike actually suited to their needs rather than the latest carbon shiney from cervelo
but just like the 40 year old balding guy who has to buy the porsche to drive from one side of the CBD to the other, these muppets have to buy the most expensive crap they can.
i get young riders of genuine talent who are desperate to keep their bikes going for another race and have to beg spares off me (i’m starting to keep a tub of used but not dead parts for these kids), and 2 minutes later i get the guy who is 175cm tall, weighs in at 100Kg+ of pure lard who buys a TCR Advance as a commuter.
can you try and explain to them that it isn’t designed to do that? nope.
can you try and explain that he’s going to be uncomfortable on it? nope.
can you try and explain to him that the latest, lightest wheels won’t survive his fat ass beating the fuck out of them up and down gutters? nope
hell, you can’t even tell him he should be on a small frame because he gets pissed off at not being on at least a medium. (actual case yesterday!)
this fucking muppet bought $5K+ of bike to ride less than 10Km per day, 3 days a week, and doesn’t really feel like riding on weekends. AND WOULDN’T BUY THE RIGHT SIZE! apparently your height has a direct correlation to the size of your genitalia, and your attractiveness to the opposite (or same if that is your preference) sex.
tell me he wouldn’t have been better off on something like a CRX, and wouldn’t have enjoyed the bike more to boot. and can he honestly believe that riding a frame a full size to big for him will make people thkn he’s taller?
that bike of his, which would have done a decent junior or B grader for a year is going to get riden for a week, then stuck in the garage. and i’m going to be the one he blames because he isn’t lance armstrong overnite.

now before this sounds like i just abuse customers until they buy what i want, or patronize them till they leave, i’ve got a very good sales records in the shop. not for outright sales, but for people actually coming back and saying they like their bikes. i actively enjoy getting people into cycling, and will spend as long as they want fielding beginners questions about everything and anything.
i honestly try and suit the rider to the bike. i’ll do fittings for them. i’ll swap parts for test rides. i’ll lend them my gear to try out.
but no matter what you do, you can’t actually get people to think. if i go to a shop to buy some thing (lets use my not so recent purchase of a washing machine as an example), and the sales guy actually take the time to explain why i should save an ass load of money and buy something different to my first idea, i’ll listen. if he explains that almost no-one uses the delayed start feature, and that the combination washer dryer units haven’t really been sorted out from an engineering standpoint yet, i’ll use that advise and buy a good solid machine that does what i need it to do for $300 less than the one o was going to buy. and you know what? he was absolutely right. i can’t think of a single example in the last 3 years where i’d have used the delay start, and the washer dryer combo’s ran a 20% or higher failure rate in the first 6 months of their release.
guess it’s a good job i listen to people who know what they are talking about.
but what do i know, i’ve only been doing this for 15 years…

oh, i almost forgot, the cranks.
US cycling magazine article, thing in there that they did about a month ago. got 150 riders. 50 trainer/commuter types. 50 mid level competition riders. 50 A or elite level riders
less than 1 in 20 when they did blind tests of the cranks were able to tell any difference between a set of ultegra and a set of dura-ace, and all of them came from the elite level riders.
the claimed weight of 709g is already being disputed, and if you look at the footage from near the end of the tour the carbon crank is already a fair amount of wear.
carbon doesn’t like getting knocked or dinged and cranks on a non team bike tend to get scratched and scuffed.
carbon has it’s place, and it is a fantastic material to use for alot of things, but when i’ve had to add weights to a tri time trial bike to get it to be HEAVY enough to pass inspection, why bother?

As always Lupine … well said (or written).


my steel bikes are sweet rides, but my Ti bike is silk.

Lupine interesting words.

I always feel the need to research what I am shopping for before I actually go shopping for it so that I can detect the sales persons bullshit - not sure if it is because I am female or not.
I feel that when I do go shopping people do feed me bullshit, but from doing my research before hand I can generally tell if someone knows what they are saying and if I get the impression they do then I definately listen to their advice.
Thankfully I have a couple of friends who work in bike shops so I can mostly avoid the bike shop BS, but it really can be a big problem - there is one big name melb bike store I do avoid. It is good to hear of people working in a bike shop who don’t just give customers BS, but give them the truth! :slight_smile:

Understanding can’t be forced. Some people need to make mistakes to learn and that’s ok.

One can’t open closed ears.

I’m am unfortunately one of those people that needs to put his hand in the deep fryer to get the taco before I beleive its hot…


You really think a marketing department isn’t that fickle? Did someone say Mavic and a red spoke?

They provided what they though the market wanted. If SRAM come up with a different way of shifting do you think Shimano would have changed their lineup so quickly?

Personally I hate the dual thumb shift of SRAM and will stick with Shimano shifters because of it. I will eventually (after 4 years of having the bike) get rid of my shitty “rapid rise” rear derailluer though…one day soon I hope :expressionless:

Just a note on nomenclature, you got Shitmano right, but the other competing brand is “Crapagnolo” :stuck_out_tongue:


So what is the third brand? SHAM?