Dura Ace Carbon Cranks!!

interesting point about crapagnolo.
again it comes back to personal prefernces, but i know a lot of people who dislike and refuse to ride campag.
it’s got a bit of an industrial feel compared to shitmano for the road gear.
also has a bit of a reliability issue with the newer 10sp carbon stuff.
and again with road gear, the SRAM group is one that takes a bit of getting used to. so far no failures tho.

as far as MTB shifters go, i wonder realistically how many people prefer shitmano just because it’s what they are used to? the SRAM shifters from an engineering point of view have a better throw ratio than shimano, and hold tune longer. they can take more of a thumping than shimano and still shift.
as for the new shadow derailiers, i’m waiting to see how durable the little plate that bolts to the hanger is before i say yay or nay. so far it’s looking pretty good tho.
main problem i have with the new dual shift levers is the same problem i had with dual control lovers.
remember them? kind of hard to find now because they were a mechanics nightmare to look after.
sorry i digress. dual shift. i opened one of the rear shifters up to have a look and the clearances and pawl springs are very tight. very small and fragile.
as they get older you are going to get a lot more spring and pawl breakage, and they are going to gum up a lot more than the SRAM.
for now, they are pretty good, but as they wear, i think i’m going to be swearing a lot at them, rather than by them.

but when all is said and done, competition means better products for us, and cheaper too. look at the way shitmano has had to improve to maintain their rep. it’s the same as the rock shok/marzochhi fight of a couple of years ago. back then, you wanted good forks you bought bombers. rocks were the cheap shit. then they actually got off their asses and started designing stuff worth owning while marzocchi just sat and did nothing. now the best from rock shok easily outstrips the best from anyone else for general usage forks.
manitou are just crap, and all you manatee owners just have to accept this and move on. sorry.

and i guess the final point is this.
as with carbon vs steel vs alloy, as with drops vs bull horns vs flats, as with deep v’s vs open pro’s vs everything else it is, in the final analysis, up to the individual involved. if you like it and you are comfortable with it, then it’s the right stuff for you.

just realised what i was arguing about and where… ridiculous! :wink:

God and all I was interested in was the look of the carbon cranks… :evil:
You bike tech nerds are way past my league!
But interesting comments

I love campag. That said I’ve never ridden seriously with shimano so maybe I’m slightly biased. I love the sound of the freewheel. It’s very distinctive. I love the shifters. Not having the gear cables crossing in front of you looks a lot more attractive and also frees up that area to have bar bags or lighting bars. I also like having the brake lever only pivot in one way - braking. Also every part of campag stuff is replaceable. Dad had a shimano lever die. He couldn’t replace the broken part. or even just one lever. but he had to buy a new pair of levers which was almost half the price of a full groupset. he went to campag and never looked back. One of his brake hoods got cracked in transit and he was able to just replace the plastic base.

the hillbrick came with campag on it. I don’t think i’d ever bother trying anything else (except maybe SRAM).

The dual thumb shifters that SRAM make for MTBing are sweet. much better than rapid fire. Maybe this is because I kept shifting the wrong way since I was used to using my thumb and forefinger in the opposite way when riding campag. Anyway, I’m pretty impressed with SRAM although I gather their front mechs suck because they had to over-engineer them to get around shimano’s patent.

what’s not to love about fanboy arguments on the internet?

Carbon fibre - overrated, expensive & flogged by the marketing departments as the be-all-and-end-all in most sports.

When I played tennis, everyone had ultra-light, expensive, raquets straight off the shelf. What they don’t tell you is 99% of pros drill the handles out and stick in lead weights and wrap the head in lead tape to increase the weight.
Same with ice hockey. I’ve seen guys snap $400 carbon sticks, 10 minutes into a game. I’d rather spend $80 on a wood stick that lasts.

In sport, less weight doesn’t always equate to better outcomes. It’s usually a mix of technique, talent and heart that get you over the line.

But mostly EPO


BMC now stands for Blood Modified Cycling :mrgreen: