Dura Ace suitcase

No idea what you would carry, but way fukkin cool.

For Sale: Total Clearance: Track Frames, Handlebars, Stems, Misc. - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

A 25th Anniversary Groupset ???

I want that bad

blokes askin 100 pounds ono, reasonably priced imo.

Take away the DA embossed logo and you’re left with a cheap looking suitcase you’d expect a door to door salesman to have…

But it HAS the embossed logo, and i dare say its made a little more robust.

Maybe if the outer case was made of hollowtech forged aluminium…

Will just be a cheap crappy case with a DA logo… No different to a bunnings one. Looks good though!

Is it NJS stamped?

I’d prefer the first gen Dura-Ace suitcase to match my ‘ensemble’.

a mate has a dura-ace watch /coolstorybro

who was that? pre sure ive seen it? maybe i was drunk? came with a groupset or something?

lol mike? yeah think it came with a groupset or a bike…in the 80/90’s?

lol mike. i have such a bad memory

looks like this without the straps…

i remember now!

This must be the watch box. LOL 25th anniversary.


Thought some of you here might be interested in this. It’s a Seiko Air Diver’s 5M43-0C30- not that interesting in itself. The watch came as part of Shimano’s (bicycle componenet manufacturer) limited edition 25th anniversary dura ace groupset and is numbered sequentially along with the gruppo.The watch and gruppo are NOS and stashed for a rainy day.

Eughh!! thats my preciousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Still got it, still works. Need a new band for it. Sell it to you for an introductory price of $239013409935786-25786

I’m not your mate, kent!

sorry i meant b.f.f, but that just sounds gay