Dutch Track Bike

So I’m studying in Germany for six months, and obviously I had to get a ride, so here it is

It’s a Dutch Built Jo Geurts frame
Picked up from Pristine Cycles in Amsterdam, these Guys are awesome, Fixed exclusive store and they only opened last December. If your traveling in Amsterdam definitely check them out.

Frame: Jo Geurts 53cm
Headset: Campagnolo
Stem: Cinelli
Bars: Cinelli Track Drops
Cranks: Sugino Mighty 165
Chainring: Sugino Mighty Competition 52t
Chain: KMC
Pedals: Campagnolo
Wheels: Mavic Ellipse
Cog: 15t unknown
Seatpost: Campagnolo Chorus
Seat: San Marco Due

I’ve got a new chainring and cog coming in the mail (42-16) as my knees say no to the current 92.5 gear inches

noice, not feelin the stem though

I’ve got a 3t stem coming from fleabay, and a set of nitto risers for street riding. I’ll keep this stem/bar set for the track

I really dig it. nice one.

Lovely looking bike, but you’ve taped your bars the wrong way. Start at the bar ends and work your way back up towards the stem not the other way around.

supa noice’ but 52/15 brakeless…carzyh shit. i did it b4 i knew any better and let me tell you how happy my knees where when i changed… too hard to pull up or skid and on the street that shit matters. chuck a 17/18 on he back and bingo.

it’s a track bike…

that thing is sweeet… loving the whole set-up. Cinelli old logo bars are a nice touch.

Will you bring it back with you??

Yeah I have a new chainring and cog in the mail, will keep the current ones for when I find a drome.
I didn’t tape the bars, but cbf re-doing them.
And there’s no way in leaving it in europe :slight_smile:

That is lovely bike man! How’s the Ellipse going on street riding? Is the headset will ‘lock’ your dropbar in a straight position?

Love the Ellipse. such a nice wheelset to ride on, fairly stiff. My brother back in aus has the same pair for his daily ride ad hasn’t had any problems yet. I’m not sure what you mean about the headset?

Oh that means it is a smooth headset. Not like any NJS headsets that I have. If you use NJS headset, the headset will sort of ‘lock’ the stem/bar when it is in a straight position. So if you don’t put any force on it (turning left or right) the headset will ensure the bar in a straight position. Know what I mean? It’s seriously hard to explain…

sounds like your headsets are fucked brew

anywa, are you using track nuts on the rear wheel or is that just a bunnings nut and washer? hard to tell.

bike looks nice

as much as i love the bike, i really love that there’s been a good answer for all the nit-picking.

It’s not fucked mate. It’s just the way it is. I have Hatta Swan and Dura Ace NJS headset and they both will lock in straight position. Or maybe both are fucked… Shit, I’m fucked!

There’s no way they should be like that. Riding a bike in a straight line requires tiny movements side to side. If a bike’s fork was fixed at 0º you wouldn’t be able to ride it.

Do the cups have a marking showing which way to mount them so your steering locks at exactly 0º? :wink:

indexed headsets are the new must-have

Track nuts, but their a lil rusted, will replace sometime :slight_smile: and i would expect it to have an NJS Headset… “locking” or not, you know being campagnolo and all

both fucked! fuck!

I have a Hatta Swan headset, NJS as bro, and that shit doesn’t index.