Dyi track frame

has any1 seen this?

Converting your old/vintage frame to track frame see link below

DIY FIXIE - fixed gear, trackbike frame…

I’d trust a frame builder hey, I wouldn’t feel safe riding a frame with my shitty welds haha Good instructable though!

whats the worst thing that can happen?

break couple of bones, it’s all good :slight_smile:

welding is the easiest part of building something like a bike frame (roll cage, jungle gym…)

Seriously not worth the effort, all you get out of it are track drop outs. You can already ride fixed with a vintage road frame anyway so why bother. If you want a track bike then get a track bike

Does “DYI” stand for “Do Yourself In”? :wink:

63xc.com–How To | Track Ends
smarter way to do it instead of ripping out the whole rear triangle. it would make sense if you were making a bamboo bike and using the old frame as lugs

Considering that welding (well) isn’t the easiest thing to do, I don’t think this is really the ‘easy’ option it looks like.

The way the guy in the OP’s instructable does it, you get a rejigged rear triangle. So you would get a different geo, not just track ends. Whether it is a good geo for track or road orwhatever would depend on your skills.

So true. Especially welding such thin tubing. I’d be practicing on a garbage frame first, and even then (unless its the exact same tubing) you have no guarantees that the final welds will behave the same under the mig or have the same end strength.

Two other ‘track end’ conversion options, courtesy of the Fixed Gear Gallery:
Dave Aukerman - Fixed Gear

I know I’ve also seen a web-page written by a bloke who made track ends from flat metal stock, and them used them to replace the dropouts on his old MTB frame. That page had some good pictures, but I can’t find it at the moment.

Did someone say fugly? or was it fuhorrible?

Aside from being ugly, I can’t see how the frame is improved at all or how it’s more suitable for a fixed conversion than it already was.

Maybe he just did it, because he could.