Dylan for Moderator

We all love Dylan, and we’re prepared to forgive his shortcomings which are epitomised by his love for aerospokes and shitty shitty paintjobs.

He has an entire thread dedicated to advice from him, which he started himself…(knowing perhaps, that we needed his advice even if we were too sensible to ask it of him ourselves?)

An Icon of our scene/sport/community/whateveryouwannacallit, I personally feel that it’s time for him to be granted the power, and for him to be able to grip the majestic shaft belonging to that holiest of holy implements, The Banstick.

Votes please

(I should clarify, this poll in no way impacts the possibility of Dyldo being made Forum Mod, this decision is entirely up to the Forum Administrators who are immensely wise. I just wanted to see how many people out there want this as much as I do)

He’s a modern-day Steve Jobs, a real innovator.

I love Dyldan … but making him a moderator is wrong. It’ll sap his juice, make him have to deal with schmucks and waste his otherwise precious talents. He’ll change, and will probably ban himself !!!

Agree wholeheartedly. Let’s not bend this young one to the yoke just yet.

i foretold this!!

Leave him be to have his freedom and say what comes spontaneously.
being a Mod changes your view of a forum and stifles your real voice sometimes.

And yes this comes from past experience.

Dylan has better things to do.
Draw dicks
search tumblr
Shave his legs and balls now
paint things
search for a super cheap fixed frame
re invent the aerospoke
But if he wanted it thats another story.

All glory to the Hipnoroad.

Never heard of him.

1: thanks for appreciating me LP
2: I already report a whole heap of posts or call people out on being dicks.
3: 28 votes already? Damn, hot topic!
4: could I be a mod for a week? And if I don’t like it, just hand it back?

If he becomes a mod i demand sexual favours! Or at least more nudes on your Tumblr!

I posted like, heaps of nudes today. And yesterday. I think.

Dylan as Mod? The lunatics have taken over the asylum (see Lunatics have taken over the asylum - YouTube )! Maybe that’s a good thing. But if there’s any possibility it may cause Dylan to lose his mojo, then that’s hardly a risk worth taking.

That’s a slippery slope, my young friend.

There is no turning back Dylan.

Can I change the colours of things?
Will I get in trouble from other moderators if I reward people’s profiles with titles like ‘dylan’s fabourite’ and ‘best bum on fixed.org’?

This way madness lies.

Do it, I want to see how a “dickpotatoeship” style of mods works out.

I’m only a moderator so I can screw with alexb618.

you told me i’d been awarded both those titles! you flirty adonis.