Dyno lights - orange side lights

I’ve had a thought that it’d be pretty cool to run 2-3 orange lights on the side of the box on the Bullitt. Is there anyone savvy enough that could help me work out whether it’s feasible to do this using the dyno setup? It’d have to also power the tail light. The hub produces 3W. The tail light is supposed to use 0.6W and the headlight 2.4W, but I’m not sure about how this works and whether it can be tampered with.

Dumb suggestion, but if you can’t run them off a dynamo, would some small solar powered ones work? In assuming it’s to be seen, not to see with.

But you’d want them at night…

Semi. I know you can get solar powered lights for gardens and stuff, but I’m not sure if they’d last long enough.

We just bought some cheap solar lights from Target for our garden. With only a little bit of charge, the lights lasted for hours. If the bike is going to be outside a fair bit, the solar panel should hold enough charge.

This would look pretty sweet mounted in a bracket on the side


Pete you realise once you action these lights you are only one step away from the following…

I’d be inclined to use something like this Pete.


Cost bugerall to try them out, and if you don’t have enough juice grab a bottle dyno to run them separately.

[QUOTE=lokione;636679]Pete you realise once you action these lights you are only one step away from the following…

Dyno hubs are constant voltage not constant current, so the (tiny) extra load will be easily supplied. You can run double headlights if you want, so you can easily run head tail and side.

find some little amber lenses and fill with white LEDs and add resistors as required.

10x these. I like how they are amber on the front and red on the rear.

Naaw these

Or these

Designed for 12v systems but may well light up acceptably well at 6v. If not, get a DC to DC converter (or replace the dropper resistor with the correct one for 6v). Don’t wire them in series.

Yeah cool. Thought the dyno would be up to it. I’ll see if I can source some 6v jobbies, otherwise go the 12v conversion with some of those amber ones.


If you go with bare leds you can (will have to) hook up resistors to suit your drive voltage, but getting a prefabbed housing, lens and led makes life a lot easier. One DC to DC step up transformer for the lot would be an easy solution, but do try running them off 6v to start with, you could well get lucky. The only 6v ones in housings you’ll likely find are motorbike indicators so the form factor will be no good.