Early 1980′s Eddy Merckx

Would make a great conversion…

Used Bikes | Classic Cycle Bainbridge Island Kitsap County

I love that shop. Lats & I were drooling all over the place, Elke had to drag us out so we wouldn’t miss the ferry to Seattle.

(Do you follow Kent Peterson?)

Do now…

Damn good buying.

Fixed that for you.

Did you read the ad, anyway, needs to have some brazeons hacked off, give it a powdercoat and some mad rizors and then it would be sweet.

I hadn’t, but now it apears i’m in love with a man named Kent.

I like that trek equinox also for sale.
Imagine that with some drops, and turned into a ‘proper’ roadie. Hehehe

beat me to it, freakin’ mean that thing is

So mean, I want a carbon tt bike, shit would be so cash