Early carbon / alu badged as a Macini. Full Campy.

Road Bike Carbon Fibre | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Unley Area - Goodwood | 1052294015

Full campy? Suntour-nolo…

and should probs go to the optimist thread. I wouldn’t pay $600 for it.

I originally bought this bike from a gentleman who sold bikes to Stuart O’grady when he was an armature.

I didn’t look that close.

My favourite bit:
“Perfect for a teenager or someone short”

Does he know that the kids love mega seatpost showing plus 140mm stems these days? Or he doesn’t realise that 18 and 19 are part of the teens and they are often the ages of full sized humans?

c’mon guys why all the hate it’s got “click shifters” (a term i myself used to use when i was 12 and SIS had pretty much only just happened)

also 'avym’tals pic makes it clear how sports stars often start off as “armatures” and often end up as “commutators” after they retire

Bravo! Very well played.