Early Friday lolz! messing with an ebay jerk.

Was going to buy this for a friend who wants a bike but, you know, doesn’t want to spend any actual money on it. Was listed at $80, but contacted seller before purchasing to ask if I could pick it up when I was down that way anyway, and then they put the price up to $90. I pointed this out and they said “yeah, been getting a lot of watches on that one, and now you’ve contacted me and so I thought, you know…” So I told him what I thought, and it’s still for sale, and probably won’t sell.



see how high we can push the BIN!

done ;p


Donald Duck Dunn


Done and BIN now $100



spread it far and wide, tweet it, facebook it, instagram it!

I want to see a BIN of $1000.

“Hi,Just wanted to check, is the price a typo, or is it so low because it needs repair/replacement parts?

Well this is escalating.

ryan dunnn

On the one hand, the price went up $10 initially, but you still could have bought it, and now it’s mutually assured pricescalation.

On the other hand, we’ll drive his expectations and the BIN price up, it won’t sell, then he’ll relist at the original or lower price. lulz and money savings.

yup, now on instagram #foamafia
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Yeah, I still could have bought it. If it was first listed at $90 I probably would have bought it. It was the act of jacking up the price after I contacted him that’s made me not buy it. He was a douche.


"This is exactly what I’m looking for. If I was to BIN would you mind holding on to it for a week or so until I can pick it up. "

At what point do you reckon he’ll figure it out?

once it gets enough watchers, send him a link to this thread

It’ll be Rigid Bloke all over again…

I can’t help but feel a bit anxious about all this eh…

Watching… and asked ““Can you confirm that this is an original Shogun Metro SE, Not the SB… the SE was pretty rare and highly sought after. If you can get a pic of the underside of the bottom bracket I should be able to tell.”"