easier skid

Hi there,
I am new on fixies and any advice on what chainring size with 17t cog combo will make the skid easier?

A lower gear is easier to lock up, but skidding has little to do with gear - much more about weight transfer. It’s really the same old “what gear do you guys ride” question. Somewhere around 70" seems to be the norm for getting around fixed… with a 17t that’s anywhere from a 48t (~76") to a 40t (~64").

Many thanks… :slight_smile:

Smart using a 17, you’re tyres will last longer.

unless you are using a 51t or 34t chainring :wink: Add a 102 link chain to the mix and you are in for serious trouble!

Thanks. Is using 48t x 19T have the same result as 44t x 17t? Was thinking of using flip flop 48t x 17t (high gear for speed)
and 48t X 19t (low gear for better skid)
instead of using 44t x 17t for low gear. Bit of small hills at my area…

<Waits for ndf to post his gear chart>

Pretty damn close. ~70" vs 68"

You can do a rough gear calc yourself with chainring/cog*27 for gear inches.