eastbound and down

is anyone else heavily into this amazing show or is it just me?

I’ve had a few lols at the K-Swiss ads and subsequently seen some highlights of the show on youtube. Will be watching soon.

I think it’s me, you and Sime.


the entrances mid-game in the mexican league… i have never lold so much

lol couldnt find the porterican one i like…

“If there’s one thing I hate in this life, it’s losing. If there’s two things I hate, it’s losing and getting cancer”

Kenny Powers bitches!!!

Just a man with a mind for victory and an arm like a fucking cannon.

this show has definately made a significant impact on my life.

honey i love you, think you’re a lovely girl but you got clothes like a fucking dickhead.


i need this kit

Holy shit Schaffer kit!


This show is fucking awesome.

Terrence Cutler: When I heard you were gonna be subbing here I almost lost my mind.
Kenny Powers: Well that’s good for you.
Terrence Cutler: There’s something you need to know, Kenny. You’re not the only athlete here at Jeff Davis. I happen to be training for a Triathlon right now. Doin’ a lot of running, and cycling, swimming. Well you know all about that.
Kenny Powers: No actually I don’t. I do SPORTS. Not try to be the best at exercising.

Its such a good show!!
Another one is “Archer” get into it!
Archer (TV Series 2009) - IMDb