EastLink Alleycat - Nov 14.


Anyone doing this?

There better be a sweet after party and/or some great prizes for that kind of entry fee!!

fixed.org team challenge? if each member paid $1 towards entry we’d be able to pay the entry fee

The second most boring road in the state*, even slower.

*Assuming the freeway to Geelong has this hands down.

Bunch of us should do the ‘recreational’ ride, then race, and have a prize for the first to be DQ’d.

i’ve ridden one of these in the past. it sucked ass.

How much is the fee? The eastlink extension open day was a farce - they totally underestimated the response they’d get and had to reimburse entrance fees for quite a few people. Nearly getting creamed by a bunch of inline skaters that were attempting to race through a crowded finish area was pretty cool. They had some pretty sick HPV too. And then I woke up