anyone own a set? i don’t really want to pay the $60 just to remove three bolts with stripped heads.
if someone in melbourne had a set i could borrow, that would be great.

I have some.
For 3 bolts you could just pay the <$10 I paid for them
At a place called something like australian tool imports near hughsdale station.
Pretty sure supa cheap bunnings etc will have them cheaper that $60
You’ll need some decent drill bits to drill the bolts

Ah Ohh what have you done…

not me, previous owner :roll:

i’ll check out this shop, and see if i can buy a set cheap. Bunnings was where i saw them for $60. and if i have to spend that much, i may as well just buy a new engine block

… or just go self-propelled :wink:

not a long term option…

Dude you got hoodwinked big time. Not only does it have stripped bolts. Its got no engine either.