Eat, Pray, Ride - A Mountain Bike Journey in Nepal

A back in the day user of FoA (simplespeed) has had his pics and stories featured on pinkbike. Have a good look over here

Eat, Pray, Ride - A Mountain Bike Journey in Nepal - Pinkbike

or straight from his blog

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When I grow up, I want to be Ty

Wow, some amazing pics !!!

Great pics! I’m actually looking at Annapurna 1 right now (in real life). I can see it from my table along with manaslu and a bunch of other Himalayas. My partner and I finished the Manasalu circuit and are heading out for the annapurna region in a couple days and will be hiking the same trails Ty has been riding once I cross Thorung La pass to Muktinath.

I actually don’t miss my mountain bike too much here. Enjoying the simplicity of a backpack and my legs however I have seen some wicked wicked singletrack almost everywhere. Because moving by foot is the primary mode of transport in the mountains here are trails absolute everywhere.

Oh hi! Good to hear from you man.

Walked the Annapurna trail + base camp earlier this year during the monsoon season, recognise a lot of a familiar places and couldn’t help but think how awesome riding a bike through some of the areas would have been. Very jealous, Great photos!