ebay, jerks & fixies

found this on ebay, the guy is claiming it as his own build but he’s full of shit.


sold it to him for $250.

its a speedwell invader running a suicide hub with powdercoated wheels. rear wheel rebuilt with stainless spoke nipples. he’s even got the bar tape i gave to him when i sold it. the only thing he has changed is the white chain & painted the seatpost.
i have build up pics of it too. i bought it, stripped it, painted it, swapped the chainring, seat, had the rear wheel re-dished, rebuilt, had the wheels powdercoated and rebuilt the bearings. i dont see why people talk bullshit on the internet ? why doesnt he just say he bought it like that ?

i sincerly hope he gets less than $250 for it.

let it go, bro … if you don’t touch shit it doesn’t smell as much :wink:

  1. eBay is a Special Case of the internet; normal rules don’t apply.
  2. Urban Dictionary: Butthurt
  3. " i dont see why people talk bullshit on the internet ?" …well, you should ask yourself that before you made this post, right? :smiley:

that is a portugese/brazilian saying i heard that today. but on topic or i get deleted ask silly Q’s but i agree let it go.

that is weird that he made such a deal about doing the work himself, it’s not like that’s going to increase the value. same guy probably claims other people’s farts.

i’d be more worried about kids with no idea buying a suicide hub without knowing. but i guess that’s just natural selection at work.

i hope he did the angle of the saddle all by himself…

yeh when i saw that up on the bay
i thought
didnt that guy already sell it?

ebay, the internet’s toilet bowl

Wack a $10 grand bid on it!

Would be hilarious if you bought it back off him for less than you sold it. Although I assume he would shill bid it to over $250 if it looked like it was going to go too cheap.

at the end of the day its no drama that he’s selling it. weak as piss that he’s claiming it as his own though. wonder if he ever rode it.